Laetitia Kenny




Laetitia is a multi awarded studio and events photographer. She has 20 years experience in various disciplines of photography.

Laetitia has a fine art background and her creative flair is evident in her styling and images. Laetitia is an active

member of the Photographic Society of South Africa and has just completed a two year term as a national director.

She has presented a number of successful portrait workshops throughout the country and has lectured at a number of

National and Regional conferences as well as the 2016 Photo & Film Expo.

Laetitia is also an active salon judge and often visits clubs to give talks and judge images. Laetitia has written a number of magazine articles and has received

numerous photographic awards both nationally and internationally.


Top achievements include two Gold medals on the Trierenberg Super Circuit in Austria and being named Top author

in the 3rd Finland International Circuit as well as a number of Gold and Silver medals. Laetitia won the Impala Trophy

for prints in 2010, 2011 and 2012 and for Digital Monochrome in 2014. Laetitia was placed in the top 10 every year

from 2007until 2015 when she took a break.

Laetitia was awarded her Associateship (APSSA) in 2009, her Fellowship (FPSSA) in  2011 and was awarded the title of Master Photographer (MPSSA) in 2013.

Laetitia covers the following photographic genres: Schools, portraiture, product photography, corporate events, boudoir, ballet and general family photographs